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Docomomo.UK is a part of Docomomo International, which organises an international biennial conference, co-ordinates specialist committees and publishes a biannual expert journal. Its main goals were brought together in "The Eindhoven statement" which was issued at the end of the founding conference in 1990.


Its stated goals were:

  • To bring the significance of the modern movement to the attention of the public, the authorities, the professionals and the educational community concerned with the built environment. 

  • To identify and promote the recording of the works of the modern movement, including a register, drawings, photographs, archives and other documents. 

  • To foster the development of appropriate techniques and methods of conservation and disseminate this knowledge throughout the professions. 

  • To oppose destruction and disfigurement of significant works of the modern movement. 

  • To identify and attract funding for documentation and conservation. 

  • To explore and develop the knowledge of the Modern Movement.

Click here for Docomomo International's website. 

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