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Ginzburg on Ginzburg


13 Dec 2016 


The short and bright decade of the 1920s was an important period for Russian architecture, inspiring and influencing the wider professional community. Coinciding with the start of modern architecture, the Constructivist movement in Russia initiated a new style in architecture together with a new epoch. The Narkomfin complex (including its separate laundry building) was completed by Moisey Ginzburg in 1930 and is a brilliant example of Constructivism. Its importance goes beyond its vanguard aesthetic. Narkomfin represents a new approach to lifestyle organisation. It sets up a modern way of life that is normal for many of us today but was an innovation in 1930.

The history of the building is tragic. After the first flush of its golden age, Narkomfin was forgotten. Badly maintained, it fell into almost complete ruin. Efforts by enthusiasts to save the masterpiece came to nothing, but the Ginzburg family has taken on the challenge and after several years of effort, restoration works began in 2016.


Our speakers were:  

ALEXEY GINZBURG DipArch, Certified Restorer (Ministry of Culture of Russia); Union of Moscow Architects Vice-president; Professor MArchI; Professor International Academy of Architecture (Sofia); Partner, Ginzburg Architects since 1995.

NATALIYA SHILOVA, Union of Moscow Architects member; Partner, Ginzburg Architects; Director, Ginzburg Design Ltd; Melnikov House museum development 3rd prize winner; Narkomfin laundry building restoration project team leader.

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