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Spain and Portugal 10th conference

​Docomomo Ibérico is hosting its tenth Conference from 18-20 April in Badajoz, the provincial capital of Extremadura, Spain, near the Portuguese border. The themes will include vernacularism and modernism, and the heritage of Modernism going forwards.

Docomomo America's September conference

Docomomo US's 2018 National Symposium will run from 26-29 September in Columbus, Ohio. Titled "Design, Community, and Progressive Preservation", it will include tours and keynote conversations with visionary leaders, and showcase new and innovative building products and services. Click for more.

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Docomomo.UK is a part of Docomomo International, which organises an international biennial conference, co-ordinates specialist committees and publishes a biannual expert journal. Its main goals were brought together in "The Eindhoven statement" which was issued at the end of the founding conference in 1990.


  • To bring the significance of the modern movement to the attention of the public, the authorities, the professionals and the educational community concerned with the built environment. 

  • To identify and promote the recording of the works of the modern movement, including a register, drawings, photographs, archives and other documents. 

  • To foster the development of appropriate techniques and methods of conservation and disseminate this knowledge throughout the professions. 

  • To oppose destruction and disfigurement of significant works of the modern movement. 

  • To identify and attract funding for documentation and conservation. 

  • To explore and develop the knowledge of the Modern Movement.

Click here for Docomomo International's website. 

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